Enhancing LA's
Life Science Ecosystem

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What We Do

BioLA’s specific programs, investments, and partners will be chosen by our board, scientific advisory board, and staff; however, we have an overall sense of the strategies that will enhance the Los Angeles ecosystem.


To accomplish its mission BioLA has identified the following priorities:

  • REGIONAL ONE-STOP RESOURCE.  BioLA will serve as an independent focal point for connectivity to the region by external stakeholders.  BioLA will be a place where parties can connect to the Los Angeles ecosystem, whether as convener, concierge or visitor center.  Visiting investors, companies, researchers, entrepreneurs, developers, vendors, and other organizations will be able to find information and connect to resources via BioLA.  We will also assemble and host multi-stakeholder convenings that address strategic issues, potential partnerships, or new opportunities facing the industry or the ecosystem.  BioLA will also act as an interface between LA County government’s bioscience initiatives and the private sector.

  • REGIONAL COLLABORATION.  BioLA will facilitate the formation and execution of a shared vision, strategy, and a high level of engagement among government, industry, academia, start-ups, and the investment community of Southern California.  We will help establish a well-coalesced ecosystem via facilitation, events, engagement, and delivery of coordinating grants, investments, and incentives to Los Angeles County stakeholders.  We will engage the region’s family offices and angel networks to integrate them into life sciences investment opportunities.  We will help companies navigate the tech transfer and commercialization pathways in the region.  BioLA will also participate and reinforce existing collaborations of Countywide benefit in support of our valued stakeholders.

  • BRANDING & COMMUNICATIONS.  In partnership with other stakeholders, BioLA will help tell Los Angeles’ life sciences story to the world.  From its world-class research and entrepreneurial culture to its growing commercial successes, the region will intentionally build a life sciences brand for LA as an international innovation hub.  Investments will be made in: developing and communicating an identity; celebrating new discoveries, entrepreneurs, and partnerships; and calling out the region’s many indigenous life science assets across a large and diverse geography.

  • START-UP ACTIVITY.  BioLA will deploy selected funds, capabilities, talents, and resources to accelerate the pace of local commercial life sciences activity, focusing especially on the growth and retention of start-up companies.  We will do so by supporting:  new capital formation and deployment targeting early-stage companies; new commercial lab space; incubating, accelerating and coworking spaces, and other infrastructure to serve a constellation of thriving research hubs across the region. BioLA also will support the networking of local entrepreneurs, scientists, mentors, consultants, investors, and other professionals to better connect seasoned talent and coaching to emerging enterprises.

  • WORKFORCE.  In addition to growing the pool of executive and operating talent for start-ups, BioLA will better align the public sector’s workforce investments to stakeholder needs.  BioLA will tailor regional workforce resources to industry requirements and leverage those resources with private funds and expertise.  BioLA may fund programs that increase the STEM pipeline, give local students direct exposure to entrepreneurship, and add diversity to the life sciences sector.

Operating & Program Budget

BioLA has committed to a three-year runway to establish strategies for ecosystem development and execute on initial programs, beginning in 2019.

BioLA’s model is to maintain a lean staffing structure and direct the majority of its financial resources into the ecosystem itself.  Members of the governing and advisory boards will be asked to participate on a pro bono basis.